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Welcome to this Sacred Time

Welcome to this sacred time of service and fellowship. This is a welcome to daily life as all moments are sacred and all provide opportunities to reach out to others in my universe. As I affirm the sacred in my life, I acknowledge that I am abundantly blessed--so very, very blessed in this moment.

I acknowledge that I am a full expression of the Divine

the Divine Light in the world,

the Divine Love in our world,

the Divine Joy that permeated my being,

the Divine Wisdom that is dwelling within me at all times and awaits activation,

the Divine Hope that available to all of us, and

the Divine Grace that covers our lives every moment of every day.

I claim that in this moment of Truth, I am enough and my abundance is overflowing. There is a peaceful presence within me, and this is where I choose to live from today. For all that I am and for all that I know about myself, I am grateful.

And so it is. And so we each are. Amen.

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