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Fear & Asking for Help


I often speak against giving in to fear and encourage others to ask for help when needed. So this past weekend I got to practice what I preach. My favorite place is the ocean. I have always liked to be in the ocean, on the beach, and even to just drive down the street where I can simply see the water. My last two trips to the ocean were "just okay." Since my knee replacement surgery, the ocean has frightened me. The waves have knocked my over a few times and I had difficulty getting up--I was frightened. So this trip I was hesitant to go into the water--it was so obvious that my partner asked if I didn't like the ocean any more. My fear was obviously noticeable. It took a little while but eventually I told him of my fear, asked for help and headed into the water. Everything went well. But then I had to get out of the water and back to the beach which is when I had taken unintended dives previously. So with my partner walking next to me, I gathered my courage and walked to the beach. Seems kind of silly when I read this but it was definitely an issue for me before I faced it down and just went for it. I am grateful I was able to face my fear and to ask for help (something else I am not good at doing). I always appreciate when I get to practice what I preach.

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