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To equip and empower Unity spiritual centers and other new thought ministers and ministries to meet their local mission through education, ministerial support, and collaboration.
We never shall be satisfied until we find ourselves.
     ~Myrtle Fillmore
Love is an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everybody.
     ~Charles Fillmore
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About SSMC


About serving ministers and ministries collaborative

To support ministers and ministries through teaching, speaking, writing, and collaborating to reach both those within new thought spiritual centers and those truth seekers who are not yet part of our communities. 

  •  Assist Unity and other new thought centers and  churches in educating their congregants and any truth  seekers in new thought principles.
  •  Ensure that regardless of the size of the ministry,  resources are available to support the spiritual center  and the new thought movement.
  •  Support ministers and ministries through collaboration and assist them in  maintaining and expanding their ministries.
  •  Assist Unity centers and churches in locating ministers and licensed teachers to support  the local ministry.

hank Lewis

Hank Lewis is a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) in Orlando and is the Spiritual Director of Serving Ministers and Ministries Collaborative, Inc. He speaks and teaches at various Unity and new thought churches and centers.

Lewis' desire is to support local ministers and ministries through education and collaboration which may include doing things in a new and experiential way. This support may include assisting ministries in determining who they are, why they exist, and what best supports their local community and ministry. 

How SMMC Can support You & Your Ministry

  • Collaboration with various spiritual centers and churches for the benefit of all

  • Encouraging centers to work together in teaching and supporting classes

  • Assist communities who do not have licensed teachers and ministers available to support their ministries

  • Speaking, when invited, at various spiritual centers, retreats, board meetings and assisting churches in finding other speakers when a need exists.

  • Leadership from the spiritual center will work with Hank and others to determine the needs of the center and then move forward together to meet the needs

All services are offered on a donation basis (Either from participants or the spiritual center)


For any of these services or to schedule Hank to speak at your church, use the "Contact Hank" section.

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Guided Meditations

The most recent guided meditations are found on this page. Archived meditations may be found by clicking the "Archived Meditations" button. More guided meditations are coming soon.
Seeing Your True SelfHank Lewis, LUT
00:00 / 09:25
Wholeness is My True IdentityHank Lewis, LUT
00:00 / 14:40
Guided Meditations
Random Thoughts
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Random Thoughts are Hank's musing and thoughts on a variety of issues. Some of the postings may also be prayers. The most recent thought can be found below and other thoughts may be found by clicking the button titled "Archived Random Thoughts."
What stage of life are you in -- Rewards, Seeking a Creed, or Living?
“You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God's creative principle works in you.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda

Upcoming Sunday Talks

Hank will be giving the Sunday message at the following churches and spiritual centers over the next few months. Join in person or online. All times are Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise noted.

September 10          Unity Near the Villages                     10:00 AM
September 24          Unity of Central Florida                    10:30 AM

October 1                 Unity of Merritt Island                       11:00 AM
October 22               Unity of Central Florida                    10:30 AM
October 29               Unity of Gainesville, FL                     11:00 AM

November 6             Unity of Daytona Beach                    11:00 AM
November 12           Unity in Brandon                                10:30 AM
November 19           Unity SouthShore                               10:30 AM

December 3            Conference in Orlando
December 10          Unity in Brandon                                 10:30 AM
December 17          Unity SouthShore                                10:30 AM
December 31          Unity of Central Florida                      10:30 AM
                                  (Burning Bowl Service)

January 14               Unity of Central Florida                      10:30 AM
January 21               Unity of Merritt Island                         11:00 AM

February 11             Unity of Central Florida                       10:30 AM

March 10                 Unity of Central Florida                        10:30 AM 
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Consider a donation to support the work of Serving Minister & Ministries Collaborative. Classes and workshops are offered on a love offering basis and your support helps to continue this ministry. Please give first to the support of your local church/center and then consider a gift to SMMC.

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